My first USA Major League game

Back in early April, I was all set to go to Saudi Arabia. I had the abaya and scarf ready to go. Then I discovered some issues with the school and director, so I opted for Korea. But before that turnaround, I was treated to my first MLB game by my mom and uncle.

We went to see the Florida Marlins play. I cannot even remember who they played against, but at least we won! And yes, they will forever be known to me as the Florida Marlins vs Miami Marlins. I have been a fan for too long. I only watched their games via TV as we were either too lazy, poor, or busy, to attend an actual game. Also, back then they were not in an indoor stadium.

Because my uncles car was so-so, we rented a a car for that day trip and off we went! Tickets can be booked online, and we printed out those and our parking ticket. I think we paid 15 or 20 bucks to park our car. The folks there will direct you to the appropriate car bay once you get to the stadium.

Driving to Miami is always a fun time for me. It reminds me of the Saturday trips my mom, granny and I would take when I was younger. We’d buy subs from the night before from Winn-Dixie or Publix, load up a cooler with drinks, and just venture down to Miami. It is a 2 hour drive from my hometown to there.

I almost went to university there, and in hindsight, should have went. Ah… but that mistake is for another story… Back to the game!

So the stadium is actually closer to Broward county than Miami-Dade. So we traveled via I-75 and passed the airport.The traffic is mental once you get there, but they have signs marked for your car park. Once we got there we just showed our printed receipt and then they told us where to go from there.

You do have to go through security and I almost had my tripod confiscated. The told me I could return to the car and leave it there, but then I was like… “no– I wouldn’t be using it. guys, it wasn’t one of those extending ones like a selfie stick.” Thankfully I didn’t have to go through that hassle of returning to the car and they let me through. And nope, I never once used it.

The game over all was just meh. I really preferred it on TV, but at least I can say I have been to a US MLB game. Most people were in their own little worlds throughout the game. The cheerleaders were there, as was the mascot. The park looked much smaller than I’d imagine it to be. TV really does make things look better and bigger.

The parks prices were to be expected. So if you are being a stingy date, don’t buy the booze! Apparently you tip the folks working there selling booze and snacks. FYI, you don’t need to do that at a Korean baseball game since tips are generally unheard of here.

The staff were generally friendly, except for that one chica at the end. The game had finished and we were walking out. My uncle quickly stopped to get a panorama picture on his phone. Other folks were just milling around as well, but nope, “Sir, you need to leave now.” Was what we heard. I just looked at her and said, “wait.” She stood there all huffy as though we were going to steal a bench or something! Once he had his pic we left, and guess what?! You think her hurrying us meant that she was going to barricade the section? Nope, she just walked on, and other folks were still standing around chatting. So that was my only complaint. Some random chica deciding to go on some power trip at a a ballpark.

We drove back home on US 41 through the Everglades. It is still lush and beautiful. I highly recommend a visit to the Everglades state park if you are ever in Florida!

Check out my short driving vlog of the area  here- 




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