Teaching in South Korea

Hello my sexies! Welcome back to my blog! Oh, and sorry for all the typos in my last post. This time I am writing in Word vs in WordPress. Something crazy kept happening every time i tried writing or deleting a letter/ word in WP.

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, this one will focus on the cost to come to Korea to teach ESL. Now for me it was a bit more expensive as I did everything within 6 weeks, so I had to use expedited shipping or an agency to assist. I am doing most things from memory so apologies if costs may be a bit off for shipping fees. It seemed to vary a bit according to UPS or FEDEX.

Notary fee– Each notarized document in the state of Florida is $10. I had both my degrees notarized.

State Apostille$115– this was expensive as I used an agency to get it back to me within 72 hours. I live nowhere near my state capitol and I didn’t have time to wait for up to 10 days to get my documents apostilled. I used capitolconnection.com. They’re a paralegal office based in Tallahassee. I had both my BA and Masters degree apostilled. It also included their fees and return postage. Had I had more time the cost would probably have been 30 bucks total.

Postage ~ $219 this was by far the most expensive thing for me. It was about $45 to send my document to Tallahassee, $72 to send my application packet to Korea, and about $90 for postage to and from the embassy. I had to add prepaid envelope ($45 with FEDEX) for next day air from the Atlanta embassy. Plus another $12 for postage for my FBI and apostille documents.

FBI – $40 –I used myfbireport.com as they are an approved agency for the FBI- I had everything back within 2 weeks from submission of my fingerprint card. I probably wouldn’t use this company again due to their lack of answering emails and refunding me my money. The previous year I sent off my prints and paid for 2 reports. Since they couldn’t read my prints they offered me a refund on the 2nd report. I told them that I will take the refund and numerous emails went unanswered and no refund was made. Don’t offer a refund, and then ignore the customer! I did receive my 2nd report once I re-submitted my prints thankfully.

US State Apostille –$8 I had to send my FBI report to the US State Department in DC to get apostilled- And some things I learnt about national apostille. A. You have to make sure that the FBI report is on the blue paper, not the white paper. B. You can only apostille a FBI document within 90 days from the date on it.

Korean Visa -$45- money order payable to the Korean embassy

Pictures– $12 – I took my pics at Walgreens pharmacy

The only free thing was my fingerprint card- Twice a week they take prints at my county police department. The card is online and you just print it out and walk with it to the police station.

So in total I spent over $400 on everything. The pre-Korea costs do add up. It might only have been half that amount had I had more time. But it is doable within 6-8weeks! I actually did my prints back in February, so in April I sent them off to be apostilled.

Since I originally had to go to China once I left Malaysia, I had a lot of documents already authenticated. Sadly though I had to have things apostilled for Korea, so now I have a wee collection of authenticated documents! And yep, once you work or do business overseas, you quickly learn the differences between an apostille and authenticated document!

I hope this post helps anyone looking into teaching in Korea. Set aside about $500 USD for the pre-Korea cost, another $1000 for airfare, and then another $1000 to last you until your first paycheck.

I unfortunately had spent a small fortune getting things ready for China and then Saudi, so I was running on empty once I received an offer for Korea. I seriously couldn’t have done this without my family’s help and loaning me some dinero to offset the costs. So thanks guys! Love ya mucho!!  🙂


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