What’s up Doc?

Soooo,yea, I know I said that I will write about my trip to Marlins Park back in April… and I will! I promise! I am the type of blogger/vlogger that likes doing everything all at once versus overa daily or themed routine. I know some vloggers for example have a  Q & A on Mondays, or a beatuy tips and tricks on Tuesdays, etc… Well, that ain’t moi. I prefer uploading it all at once. Which mostly means when my SD cards are running low on juice!

So with that said and done- my Marlins recap will also include differences between American MLB and Korean baseball games.

Wait! What?! Korea? Haha… so funny story there… remember how I was all geared up for Saudi so it can make me more $$? Well I was ready to go there and decided to dig a little deeper. Thanks to Linkedin,and scrutinizing the writing style from the HR guy at the school that hired me, I realized that there was some serious shadiness going on there.

If I check on some social media site and notice that a lot of people employed by your company never finished their full year contract; or that the manner and tone of your writing mimics that of someone ( with a totally different identity) who’s giving a positive review of your company/ institution – then red flags and warning bells are gonna raise like a wildfire! Whew! That was a long sentence.

But basically yea, that was what I realized. I am so mad that it took me so long to realize this. I spent a lot of time and money getting things ready for Saudi. All that time I could have already been in Korea. I also decided that I will no longer chase a job just for money to keep my student loan company quiet. I realized that, God forbid, if I died tomorrow they still wouldn’t get paid. So putting myself in a job or country which already had me feeling uneasy would not be the wisest choice. My only debt are my freakin’ student loans. do i regret taking out loans? Oh heck ya! Do I regret the course I took because of the advice from people around me… um..yep! Back then all I kept hearing was how state universities suck and weren’t teaching enough, and thus private schools were better. If I knew then what I know now I would have stayed in Florida at a local uni and not be burdened by debt and insane interest rates.

But, I cannot change the past- only my future. so I am glad that I changed my mind on Saudi. Within a few days of that decision I applied for a job and within a week I had an interview. This all happened around mid-late April. I was asked to come out for the June 1st orientation. Thankfully I already had my FBI check done and I was just waiting on a new copy of my BAto arrive from my university. Somehow my old BA diploma grew legs and ran away. By May 24th I had my visa for Korea. And let me tell ya huns, I was sweatin’ as I had to fly out that May 28th. Soooo happy that everything worked out. Thank you postal gods for next day posting! I spent somewhere between 500-600 on postage, apostilles and notarizations, so it defo wasn’t a cheap thing, but it was all worth it as I landed back in Korea and was like- I did it! I am back 🙂

So that is a brief recap of the last 2 months for me. Since returning I have been busy getting myself sorted at my schools and making my home feel cozy. I am sad that it took me so long to return here, but I am glad to finally be back. This place has changed up so much in 6 years. I already feel that this decision was the right one. In comparison to Saudi, it is like day and night. Yes, I could have made more there, but after discovering all that stuff and the rudeness from the HR guy, I feel that coming back to Korea was the right idea. Always follow your gut, and i am glad that I did.

The next blog will go over the cost breakdown of gettingeverything ready for Korea and my first impressions since returning. The next blog will go over my schools and home. And another will be a walking tour of Daegu (the closest big city to me) and Hapcheon (the county I live in). Finally I will wrap it up with a comparison of both Korean and American baseball games!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading 🙂






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