Menstrual on the Road

Holy crap on hells toast! The pain, the pain! At least that is how I felt whilst trying to insert a menstrual cup earlier today.

As a frequent female traveler, I have had to deal with periods on the road. It ain’t easy as a female. I do know of some women who only use tampons and found it difficult to find one that they liked while traveling. So if that is you, then definitely stock up before your journey. Most places are pads central I noticed. Since I have only used pads and never tampons, I never found that to be my issue.

Within the last year I have been reevaluating my lifestyle and I noticed all of the wasteful products I have used in my lifetime. One such item came in the form of my feminine products. Between pads and tampons, us ladies create a dump of bloody menstrual messes each month.

I have watched numerous Youtube travel videos in which women described that their biggest pro-packing tip is…menstrual cups! Most women were using the more popular, Diva Cup. So I started thinking, hmm, maybe I should try this too. Thus, I began researching different brands of menstrual cups and reading reviews. I finally settled on an Eva cup as I read they are softer. About a week after ordering it via Amazon, it was delivered to my home. A nice pretty light blue colour I might add. I ended up going to Whole Foods later that week and bought the Diva Wash to clean my cup. They also sold Luna cups I noticed.

So I added the wash and let the cup soak in some hot boiling water, then watched Youtube instructional videos on how to insert.

“Relax the woohaa, feel zen, spread ‘em and squat. You can do this Genevieve!” That was what I kept telling myself as I tried doing a dry run before Aunty Flo decided to pay me a visit. And btw, Aunt Flo, can’t you just send a post it monthly saying, “hey chica, you ain’t knocked up. Here are some chocolates. See ya!” But anyways, here I am squatting over the toilet bowl and praying I don’t drop it in the toilet. “This thing isn’t working! Why won’t you suck it up coochi!?” These thoughts are racing through my head as I am trying to U-fold, push down fold, heck, any fold with my cup into my vagina.

After a few minutes of unsuccessful insertion, I washed my hands, rinsed out the cup, and tossed it back into its little blue bag. I tried again a few days later, and well, same deal. Maybe it will work when Aunt Flo visits in a few days.

But as of today: Menstrual Cup 2: Genevieve 0.

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8 thoughts on “Menstrual on the Road

  1. I’m so glad there is a post like this out there. As a female traveler, I’ve been asking around for the best way to deal with this issue. I traveled for 8 months once and was laughed at by multiple people (all in good fun) for having a giant bag of tampons everywhere I went. My next trail is the underwear, so I have to do is do laundry like I normally would and enjoy my adventures!

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  2. Haha, I love your writing style. Totally cracking me up! I love my Diva Cup, had it for years. I don’t know how I could have dealt with South America without it. Particularly for environmental reasons, it would be great if you could keep trying or maybe try another brand! 🙂

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  3. This is so funny, as I started using a Diva Cup about two years ago and the first two months were awful. I thought I would never get it in – our out! Once I got used to it though, I knew I would never go back. It’s so nice for travel and I can just forget about it most of the day and feel like normal.

    I remember being in a Target once, ready to purchase tampons when I overheard two girls talking about how one of them saw a plastic tampon washed up on the shore of a beach, swearing to never use plastic tampons again. I made the same vow, only using organic ones from there on out, but I have to say, the Diva Cup is the way to go,

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