Travel Insurance Update


Hi folks! This is a long overdue update over travel insurance. I did purchase it before my trip. Thankfully I did not need to use it, but it was good having that bit of reassurance. I spoke to Meg from Travel Freedom Network and thankfully received a discount code on my policy. 300 USD for 3 months after my discount!

I purchased with World Nomads and the process was quite easy. If you are travelling to the USA, yep, that will be more money. But, since I had 0 plans on my itinerary for the USA, I didn’t have to worry about that extra expense. It also does not cover you for whichever country you use as your residence. So if you are a permanent resident in Singapore, but from USA, you could use Singapore on your form. This is a direct quote from the World Nomad site over the topic-

Your country of permanent residence is the country where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return.

This is the country you may be repatriated back to if you are unfit to continue your trip or if you require long term medical care after a medical emergency while travelling.

Your policy can’t cover any expenses incurred within your country of permanent residence.

Each policy has specific conditions or definitions of residence depending on the country you live in, so do read the policy wording carefully to see if you’re eligible to buy it.

Also, if you are travelling with people from different countries of residence, they will have to buy separate policies to cover their country of residence, which may have different terms and conditions of cover.


So in the end, I would recommend travel insurance for anyone travelling. Shop around, find out if there are any discounts, and definitely do your research.

Happy travelling my sexies!




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