Or, thank you in English. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my, sometimes there, travel blog.

I have since left Malaysia as my company’s contract was not renewed with the Ministry of Education. I had plans to go to China, but upon further thinking, and evaluating where I want to be in my life, plus my financial situation (owe lots in student loans 😦 ), I decided that China, or any other Asian country, was not possible. So now I am waiting for my recruiter to get the process started so I can go to Saudi. I have already bought my abaya!

But for now, I am passing my time doing on-line teaching, taking on-line courses, as well as enjoying the time with my family and pets. I seldom return to the USA, so my grandmother especially likes having me back home. As for my pets, Bailey is not too fond of the dogs, but she is enchanted with my turtles. She likes sitting near their light and chilling with them. She also fancies going onto the patio and watching all of the birds eating out of the feeder. She even had the chance to see a couple of deer hopping through the yard!

I have also spent my time slowly uploading all those videos and photos I took in Thailand. So check out my Youtube channel as I have videos from the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Pai. and Chiang Rai that I am currently editing and adding!





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