Countdown has begun

The countdown to Chiang Mai is on! In 1 month I shall be trekking through the forests of Northern Thailand and visiting temples galore. I am on a Youtube viewing spree (thus running up my prepaid interent bill!) watching all these vlogs over CM. Seriously it is such a gorgeous place! I found out that one of my colleagues lived there for four years and she is thrilled to be returning there for work next year. I will only have 3  weeks there. I have already prebooked a room in a hostel for 2 nights. Always best to reserve a place before you arrive lest you get caught waltzing around town, with an insanely large backpack looking for a room.

So my place is booked for the 1st two nights but I am browsing the sites looking for another place.I am debating whether to continue with hostels or reserve a studio for the reminder of the time, or get an actual private room. The costs for 3 weeks in a hostel at about 8 usd per night comes out to about 150 per month. A small studio on the outskirts of town will cost about the same amount. So see what I mean? Plus I will rent a bike to cycle as I miss being on a bike!

I am trying my best to actual stick to a budget his trip. I will post my Excel trip planner once I complete it. Oh and I am typing from my snazzy new phablet! Don’t know what a phablet is? Well my dear sexies, a phablet is a phone+tablet. I bought the Asus fonpad 8 inch after my Kindle Fire went kaput. For the longest time the battery was dying and I tried to keep it alive, but it finally gave up. Then the night before my big presentation for work (which went smashingly well and the reason I haven’t posted for a while, since I had mucho work to do)  my laptop adapter also kicked the bucket. FYI that laptop I bought in South Korea 6 years ago and I have paid for Windows XP to be changed from Korean to English, replaced the battery, and replaced the charger 3 times. I was sick of constantly doing that and paying. So decided on just having the phablet which can also double as a laptop with the Bluetooth keyboard I am using at the moment.

Oh and I also bought myself an action camera. Check it out here. I filmed bits of mine and my colleagues’ presentations with it, so I will also upload that finished product to my Youtube channel so you can all see its marvelousness!  Is that even a word?


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