Travel Insurance

That yucky ‘I’ word… uggh! Insurance, why must it be such a headache? From car insurance, to housing to health, I have had to deal with it all. But, in all my years travelling I have never bought travel insurance! YELP!! I know right? I even fell off a motorbike in Thailand and was bruised up (still have the scars to prove it) but I only paid about 500baht at a clinic so never bothered. But this time, I am trying to be all mature and ish, and yes, buy that insurance. Better to be safe than sorry I guess?

I have read mixed reviews over World Nomad, Travel Guard and STA travel. So once I finish doing my research on all 3 then I shall let you know which one I chose. I will also do a follow up on how I felt their services were (but praying I won’t need to use it).


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