Holy CRAP! I am back!

It has been ages and a millenia since I have blogged or vlogged tbh! I did say in my last vlog that I was giving up. I just haven’t been able to capture a good base. It is pretty exhausting editing videos and then pretty sad seeing only 10 views. So I had quit for a while. A few weeks ago I met up with a friend who said that I should continue, not for anyone else, but for me. Sort of like a memoir of my travels and life overseas. So here I am!

I have 2 trips booked. 1 to Cambodia next week, and 1 in 3 months to Thailand. This time I will check out the northern part of the country. Never been there before so I am excitedly watching tons of videos on the north.

I was in Cambodia 3 years ago for a brief holiday. This time I will be going for a work-related function. So it is more of a workcation as i won’t be working the entire time. The kitty will go into a nice boarding place. Casey’s came in highly recommended by fellow expats.

And fear not, I will give a rundown over do’s and don’t in Indonesia. My brain is a bit foggy, but I can remember some tidbits that I hope will help you out if you also plan on trekking to Yogyakarta. That trip was about 4 months back.


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