Hotels in Thailand

This post will be about some of the places I stayed at during my birthday holiday trip to Thailand. I will go over cleanliness, Wifi access, location, and amenities.

Hua Hin

Fat Cat Guesthouse- located along the coast, on Naresdamri rd. about 5 minutes walk from the Hilton hotel. Great Wifi, satellite TV, and fridge in room. The room I stayed in was old and needed a good paint job and scrubbing. No bed bugs or weird smells! It was only 400B per night for a fan room. There are rooms above the restaurant, and then there are some located about a 2 minute walk away. I stayed there. There are also aircon rooms next door for 600B. The food and staff were super. C grade

Victor Guesthouse- I booked this via Agoda. The price was about 700B for an aircon room. I received an upgrade as they were booked up, so I got an even better one for that same price. Like the other guesthouse, they also have another residence a short walk away. Excellent key-card security, daily cleaning, newer rooms. There are a lot of restaurants nearby. good Wifi and satellite tv. B grade

Both are on Naresdamri rd. There is some noise due to barking dogs, motorbikes, or just loud people, so bring earplugs.


The following 2 places are nearby each other along Sukhomovit 11.Grand President and Ambassador hotels. Take the Asok line and just keep left, you will exit and turn left onto Suk 11. Both are about a 7 minute walk. I booked via Agoda so got great deals for 4 star hotels. Less than 50 USD per night. Both were very clean. I also received an upgrade at President so I was moved into the deluxe room with a kitchenette. There are pools as well as a laundrette upstairs. GP is 3 towers. I stayed across in tower 3. My only concern was that checking in was in tower 1 and there was no one to take my bags to the other tower across the road. Ambassador is also connected to several small shopping malls. There is a lovely German restaurant below the GP, excellent food. Both are quiet and comfy with wifi and satellite tv. B+ for both.


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