Hua Hin

So I have been back for a little over a month, and finally getting the chance to write about my travels! Unfortunately my SD card slot has kicked the bucket, so no pictures…for now! I will purchase a Macbook in either December or January. It all depends on if I have to move into a new apartment. So I have been busy with work and just life in general. I did have a week long holiday for Diwali, but catching up on my TV programs this season has been my lazy hobby!

So, Hua Hin. Unbelievably nice! It was just perfect. Although some rain here and there, I enjoyed many sunny days. I even got sunburnt! That hasn’t happened in ages. Hua Hin is the royal family’s beach home, so it is much tidier than other parts of the country. There is a bar street, but it isn’t in your face like Pattaya.

I landed at Suvarnabhumi and went downstairs to catch the 3 hour bus ride to Hua Hin. The bus has a toilet on it so no stops were needed. The bus stop is about 2km from the beach area so it was a bit of a walk. Taxi’s and tuktuks/ songthaews will try and charge you about 200 baht, so be weary. They lurk around the station waiting for any unsuspecting travelers. Along the main road are the green colored songthaews and they are from 10-30 baht, depending on distance. I also saw some white ones that advertised a lower rate. These only ran along the main road, so to get the the hotel areas you needed to walk for another 10 or so minutes. For me, I stayed near the Hilton hotel, along Naresdamri road, so an average ride from the bus terminal to there would cost me about 10B. Then I would take a short walk. I will discuss my guesthouses in more details in another post, but here is the video on how to get to Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi.


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